Tunic Elsa Anaranjado M-313 Red As in the picture Marko

A sexy beach tunic that looks like a sports dress.

A perfect complement to beach fashion. It guarantees you comfort in almost any situation. Made of lightweight, elastic Italian fabric. That's great. The upper part of the tunics in the style of a la boxer (visible on the back). Front with an inviting neckline accentuated by a contrasting trim. More or less in the middle of the tunic there is an adjustable weave - you can emphasize the waist with it or move the tunic a little lower, slightly covering the tummy. Mini length. Choice in many colors.

It's just worth having it with you.

The highest quality product, confirmed by a hologram,
sewn from Italian fabric Carvico Tessuti Polish manufacturer
resistant to sunlight (does not fade), the friction force of sand,
quick drying.

Chest circumference
Hip circumference
Tunic length
84-86 cm
85-88 cm
78 cm
87-89 cm
89-92 cm
80 cm
90-92 cm
93-96 cm
82 cm
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